Hank Williams Presents Before The IT “In-Crowd”

H. WilliamsNext up on Soledad O?Brien?s 4th installment of CNN?s Black in America series is the story of Internet start-up guy Hank Williams. Williams, a software engineer who launched Kloud.co, is one of several participants of the NewMe Accelerator program where emerging minority IT entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get advice from and showcase their ideas for new technology projects before a group of investors.

Showcased in Silicon Valley where the nation?s wealthiest tech investors reside, Williams? idea for a Web-storage service, Dropbox, more than likely went over well as he is no stranger to IT startups. He funded one back in the 90?s. The goal this time is to raise capital to turn the service into the next big thing, no easy task by a long shot. NewMe simply gets them in front of the big guns; what happens after that is hard to say, for a few reasons. With a tough economy, money is tight, even for those who have it. Also, minority IT professionals aren?t exactly the usual recipients of startup capital, which comes from an inner-circle of Google-types. So far, industry insiders have said that the eight presenters were stellar and worthy. We?ll wait and see what happens.????????????

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