Hands on with a Google-powered smartwatch

Here’s a question to ask yourself before buying a smartwatch: Is it really that hard to just take your phone out of your pocket?

If you answered yes, you may want to consider the new watches from Samsung (SSNLF) and LG, the first to run on Google’s Android Wear software.

The main function of these devices is to save you the time of getting out your phone and opening it. This isn’t a very compelling problem, and the solutions Android Wear offers aren’t much of an improvement.

Android Wear runs on voice commands. There’s no keyboard function on LG’s G Watch or Samsung’s Gear Live. To do things like get directions or send texts and emails, you need to speak into the watch face. It’s up to you to decide which is more obtrusive: discreetly typing on your phone under the table or speaking loudly into your wrist like an elderly James Bond.

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