Hampden Kent Group Launches Innovative New Debt Financing Program in Caribbean

    Hampden Kent Group Launches Innovative New Debt Financing Program in Caribbean

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    Projects To Boost Emerging Markets and Green Technologies

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Hampden Kent Group, L.L.C. (HKG), an infrastructure project development, financing, and management company, today announced three innovative new debt refinancing projects in Jamaica ? a key breakthrough for the nation and a harbinger of future debt financing deals in the global markets. All told, these three projects represent $600 million in new structured debt.

    The first Jamaican project is the formation and development of a solar panel production facility near Kingston that will begin before the end of 2011. The remaining projects are a waste-based energy production facility and self-contained sustainable shrimp farming modules and will rollout beginning in 2012.

    "Jamaica has been a leader among Caribbean nations making renewable energy and environmental investment projects outside the European Union," Daryl Hudson, Chairman and CEO of the Hampden Kent Group said. "The fresh investments flowing into the Caribbean have the potential to produce significant near-term and long-term results, while simultaneously laying the groundwork for future sustainable energy initiatives. Jamaica is an ideal location for us to expand our presence in the region, where we will provide lasting value to our investors and project partners for years to come."

    These three projects represent significant capital infusion into the Jamaican economy, enhancing the emerging renewable energy market and creating hundreds of new jobs at various skill levels throughout the country.

    The Hampden Kent Group has structured and arranged cross border debt financing for renewable energy and environmental sustainability programs in Europe and the Americas. ?This is the first of several initiatives for the company as it expands its presence in the Caribbean.

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    Hampden Kent Group, L.L.C. (HKG), is an infrastructure project development, financing and management company. HKG specializes in emerging market project finance and development. HKG develops commercially viable projects for which it secures financing, and takes management and equity positions in the projects, on a build-own-operate basis. HKG's objective is to take both a financial and management position in projects in selected countries in conjunction with investors and local partners. HKG and its interest holders thus expect to benefit from the successful operations of portfolio projects whereby an accumulated equity position is liquidated at optimal value. The HKG management team has the necessary expertise in capital markets and project development to implement all phases of HKG's business plan and project exit strategy.

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