Hackers disclose Israelis’ credit card information

JERUSALEM (AP) ? Israeli credit card companies say hackers claiming to be Saudis disclosed credit card information of thousands of Israelis on the Internet.

The companies, however, disputed the hackers’ claims that 400,000 credit-card holders were affected. Isarel’s central bank put the number at 15,000.

Visa CAL company spokeswoman Sagit Ofir says she cannot confirm Saudi hackers were responsible.

The Ynet news website says the hackers called the cyber attack a “gift to the world for the New Year” that they hoped “would hurt the Zionist pocket.”

Ynet says the information was removed from an Israeli sports website shortly after it appeared.

Credit card companies say the compromised cards have been blocked to Internet purchases and will be replaced soon. It’s unclear how the information was compromised.