Hacked conversation between FBI, UK police

LONDON (AP) ? The following are excerpts of the roughly 15-minute-long conversation between FBI and British law enforcement.


In one exchange which played poorly in the British media, the officers make fun of Sheffield, a gritty industrial city in northern England where police are hosting an upcoming cybercrime conference.

“I’ve never been to Sheffield,” the FBI official says.

“You’ve missed nothing … It’s not exactly a jewel in England’s crown,” says his British counterpart to uproarious laughter.

“There’s a big university up there, right?”

“Sheffield university is quite big, a huge shopping center as well … but that’s about it.”

At one point someone mentions that Sheffield has a McDonald’s.

“Oh great I look forward to that!” the FBI official jokes.


In another exchange, the Scotland Yard officer appears to make reference to a previous contretemps in U.K.-U.S. cooperation.

“Hey, we’re here to help,” the British cybercrime investigator says.

“Haha, we appreciate that,” the FBI official says.

“We’ve cocked thing up in the past, we know that,” the Brit says.


The British investigator, talking about a teenage hacking suspect, described him as “a 15-year-old kid who’s basically doing this all for attention, and a bit of an idiot. … He’s basically just a pain in the bum. Again, another juvenile, another wannabe-type character.”

The investigator says he’s looking into the teen’s associates.

“Whether their his online friends or his three-dimensional friends I’m not sure,” he jokes.

The investigator says the teenager has admitted to a series of hacks.

“It looks like he’s almost cleaning the slate now that he’s come to the notice of police,” the investigator says. “I suspect a smack from mum or dad is behind it all.”