A Guide to Fitness Tracking Apps

An Introduction to Fitness Tracking Apps

Thanks to the recent rise of health-based technology, getting fit has never been easier. The market for apps and accessories that make tracking your activity and food are constantly expanding and offer a huge range of features to suit your individual needs. All those choices can be overwhelming though, so we?ve put together a guide to the best apps out there.

Fitness Apps You Should Consider

  • GPS Trackers: These are perfect if you exercise in a distance-based way (cycling, running, etc.) as they keep track of your distance and pace using your phone?s GPS. Runtastic and RunKeeper are probably the most popular, both of which are free with the option to unlock extra features like training plans and more by purchasing ?pro? versions.?
  • Accessory-Based: There are many great options for wearable trackers that keep track of heart rate, calories burned, activity times and even sleep patterns. The most popular is FitBit, with 4 models to choose from, averaging around $100. Other options include the Nike+ FuelBand, Jawbone Up, Fitbug Orb, and many others. All range from $50-$200, but FitBit seems to be the most popular. Each tracker has its own unique app to help set and manage goals, and review data.
  • Manual Input Apps: If you don?t mind doing some work, and/or don?t want to shell out the money for wearable trackers, there are plenty of great apps that let you manually log food and exercise. LoseIt! is a very popular option, has a huge database of food and exercises, and it?s compatible with accessories like the FitBit.?
  • Fitness Fun: Maybe you hate looking at dry data of your run, or need extra motivation. Fear not, because there are apps that turn working out into a story-based adventure! The best app is Zombies, Run!, which combines GPS tracking with an audio-based zombie adventure. You get missions (such as running to find medicine/ammo), and may find yourself having to outrun zombies on your tail. If that?s too intense, The Walk offers a similar, mission-based approach to walking. Both apps are under $5.?