A Guide to Corporate Gift Giving in the Workplace

Giving gifts in the corporate world is something businesses need to be mindful of. Handing out something such as pens or paperweights with the employee’s name on them is nice, but how good of a gift is it if the employees don?t like it? Engraving a name on something is simple, but choosing a gift that is worth giving takes effort.

Gifts are excellent to build up momentum but should represent the experience and not be a cheap mass-produced item thought of at the last minute. A part of this is proper budgeting. Setting an allotment of $10 per gift means you?re not going to give anything significant. Think of gifts before an event, and budget for them well in advance.

A gift that is unique and high-quality is much more accepted than an impersonal item that gets shoved to the back of the desk to collect dust. It costs thousands of dollars to send people to corporate events across the country, so don?t skimp on giving attendees something that makes the conference worth remembering. Keep the following guidelines in mind to revolutionize the way you gift employees.

Be the best

Whatever you do decide to give, make it a good one. Something such as a coffee mug with a simple saying is cute, but it?s not meaningful. Go with something hand-crafted or unique to the individual to get their attention and feel valued.

Be practical

Did you know that the book ?The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever? by author Marie Kondo sold over 1.5 million copies? That?s because people hate cluttered environments. A gift that sits there but does nothing, such as a paperweight or plaque, becomes useless even with fancy writing. Consider who the people in attendance are and what they could use.

Make it personal

Making a gift unique for a specific person doesn?t only include putting someone?s name on something. Listen to people when they talk and pick up on clues about their hobbies, passions, and other interests. Create a long-lasting impression that stays with them for years.

Don’t exclude the spouse

Client?s spouses deserve recognition and appreciation too. They help your client pursue their passions while supporting them. At one time, I worked on an event that lasted for four days. The second day we sent $250 and notes to the spouses back home to show they were appreciated. The spouses were astounded and encouraged their partners to attend the next year too!

The element of surprise

Gifts don?t have to be huge to leave an impression. Offer a pre-conference treat for seasoned attendees to encourage them to attend. Sending a simple gesture can create a lifetime of goodwill.

The process of selecting gifts isn?t quick or straightforward and can be overwhelming when you need to purchase gifts for many conferences or attendees. An expert gifting company can help steer you in the right direction if you?re struggling with what to get. Keep a spot in your budget for gifts, and be strategic in giving them.