Grow Your Business by Hiring Flexible Talents

Flex workersHiring flexible workers can be good for your business. Here’s why.

According to an infographic compiled by Hourly, an employment network that specializes in matching people who are interested in flexible positions with the right opportunities, there is a growing need for flexible talents across a majority of industries in the country. In fact, about 40% of employers hired more temporary employees while 80% increased their flexible workforce in 2013.

So, what accounts for this growing trend? Why are companies hiring more flexible talents? Here are some compelling reasons why they do.

It leads to better business performance. According to a study published by Regus PLC, a multinational corporation that provides serviced office accommodation in business centers across 100 countries all over the world, flexibility drives productivity. The company claimed that they have strong evidence linking flexible working arrangements with increased revenues and productivity. In fact, 72% of the companies they surveyed reported that flexible working practices directly affected their productivity and increased their bottomline. A 2012 study by Ipsos MORI seems to support this finding and claimed that employees who work out of the office tend to perform better to prove that they are not slacking off.

It can help you save money. Hiring flex workers can help you save anywhere from $20,000 to $37,000 per employee per year. As a matter of fact, 45% of companies who hire flex talents reported significant savings in HR-related costs, 39% generated savings from hiring workers in lower-cost regions while 26% generated savings by maintaining less office space.

It can help you choose the best candidates for the job. Flex workers are more available and their number is increasing at an astonishing rate. In fact, 10 million Americans are now working as independent contractors. With the sheer number of available manpower in the country and anywhere else in the world, you can widen your talent pool and increase your chances of finding the best candidates for the job.

It can help extend your service hours. With the right customer relationship management in place, you can provide excellent customer service, even without scheduling a second shift.?

It can help you expand your market. Having a flexible workforce can help you expand your market base and help you understand consumer preferences and pricing norms in different communities. ? ?

Hiring flexible workers produced great results for a lot of businesses. Should you try it? You definitely should. For all you know, it can be one of the best business decisions you can ever make.?