Grocery Shopping Apps for Frugal and Healthy Shopping

grocery shopping, grocery shopping apps, shopping appsThese apps will keep you organized so you can shop smarter and save on everything on your list.

Grocery shopping without a list is a recipe for disaster, especially if you are already hungry. You may end up with half the ingredients for your dinner and a cart full of cookies, chips and other tempting treats. These apps will keep you organized so you can shop smarter and save on everything on your list, including healthy foods.

Grocery IQ
This free app covers all the bases. Create detailed shopping lists with the keyword search, browsing the database with millions of items or scanning the barcodes of your favorite foods. The simple interface is easy to use, and you can even group items by aisle for faster shopping.?
Available through Google Play and iTunes, this app tells you what fruits and vegetables are fresh in your area so you can stick to a seasonal, healthy diet. You can check the offerings at farmers markets and farm shares and compare their selections against supermarkets.?
Grocery Gadget?
Packed with features, Grocery Gadget also lets users create lists through keywords, database searches and barcode scanning, but it takes the organization up a notch. All items are sorted by category so you do not have to zig-zag around the grocery store, and it is easy to synch your lists with other members of your household.?
For just .99 cents, this app features a fully-functional barcode scanner, large database and automatic list sorting. What sets it apart is the ability to view flyers from nearby grocery stores. Searchable by keyword and easy to view, the flyers help you quickly find the best deals for the items on your list.?
This free app makes it easy to make healthy choices. Just scan the barcode of an item and it gives its nutrition a grade from A to F. It even explains why the food earned a good or bad grade and provides better choices if your food does not pass the nutrition test.?
Also free, this app creates custom shopping lists based on your favorite online recipes. Users can also browse coupons and deals from local grocery stores and create joint accounts with their families.?
What is your favorite grocery shopping app? What features do you rely on most? Tell us how they help save you money and improve your shopping experience!