Greece Receives Offer For A Deal

GREGreece’s To Vima newspaper has just got the scoop on a leaked Greek deal proposal from the European Commission.
The agreement would unlock about ?5 billion (?3.62 billion, $5.69 billion) for the cash-strapped state, with fewer reforms than some of the country’s creditors would like.?
Some widely disliked austerity measures, like the ENFIA tax on property, would be kept under the move. But the report appears to list no massive specific pension demands, with a review of the system’s sustainability pencilled in. Similarly it seems to ask for a review of Greece’s collective wage bargaining system, rather than any specific labour market reforms.?
In general it looks like a generous offer in comparison to the latest reports from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and it’s not at all clear that many of the Eurogroup finance ministers would accept it.?