Great Ways To Relieve Stress

I don’t really mind when work gets a bit stressful. A little stress during the day is fine. It gets me focused and pushes my creativity. But too much stress in my day and I can become distracted and unproductive. Long-term stress can have negatives on health and relationships. Ironically the less you deal with your stress the more likely you are to create additional stressful circumstances with your behavior. This creates negativity with the people around you, that can ultimately lead to… yep, you guessed it… more stress.

I have three ways for dealing with stress when it gets in my way of being productive:

Accomplish Small Tasks–By finishing a few items and checking them off my to-do list, I give myself a little stress relief and am better equipped to focus on tougher challenges.

Talk It Out–Stress for me usually comes from being responsible for seemingly unsolvable issues. Talking to a mentor or super smart friend can help me find a path forward which usually lightens the tension.

Disconnect and Escape–If the stress is unresolvable in the short term, I have to take a mental break. TV for me is a great escape that allows me to fill my brain and relax for a while. Even short funny videos can drop down the pressure a bit.

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