Great New Gear For Home Movie Night

movieDitch the sticky floors, stale popcorn, and gabbing sociopaths. An
auteur-worthy home theater is easy to achieve?just cast the right gear.

1. Sennheiser RS 175 | $280
any couple, film tastes and preferred viewing hours sometimes diverge.
Sennheiser’s supremely comfortable wireless headphones let you watch as
many midnight Michael Bay features as you can stomach?without stirring
up any marital strife.

2. LG UF9500 | $4,499
latest flagship television from LG uses locally dimming, phosphor-based
LEDs to give tonight’s main attraction brighter colors and Stygian
blacks. And thanks to the 4K set’s advanced upscaling algorithms, even
old Alf episodes are transformed into near-Ultra HD.

3. The Popcorn Bowl With Kernel Sifter | $75
a world where unpopped kernels can infiltrate handfuls of popcorn and
wreak havoc on weak molars and old crowns, one clever stoneware bowl has
a perforated bottom to filter out these annoying duds and make munching
in the dark safe again.

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