Graduation is Coming Up! Here?s What to Get Your Grad

Black gradsLeave the flowers and balloons at the local gift shop.

There?s nothing like seeing your fellow friend, family member or significant other?s hard work and dreams come to fruition. So, when it’s time to get your graduate a gift, be sure to get them something that they?ll use, and greatly appreciate ? as opposed to something that will fly away, or die within a couple of days. Whether they?re graduating from high school or college, this recent accomplishment of theirs signifies a new chapter in life.

So, here are few gift ideas to get to help them get ready for the next chapter.

1.? Gift Card to Professional Clothing Store

Famous mantra is ?first impressions last forever,? and when it comes to job interviews, first impressions are everything to hiring managers. After graduation comes a myriad of job-related phone calls and interviews. And while your graduate is getting to ace those interviews, help your graduate look stylish, yet professional by getting them a gift card to professional clothing stores like H&M, Men?s Wearhouse, Marshall?s, Macy?s and Sears.

2. Electronic Appliances

The necessity of having a laptop is crucial! Having a laptop beats staying at the school?s library in the wee hours of the morning, However, if you don?t have the funds, it doesn?t stop there. An iPad or tablets can definitely alleviate the struggle of going out and buy school supplies. If your budget is under $25 or you?re buying more than one grad a gift, a flash drive may be the easiest route. Any college or high school grad knows the importance of saving or backing up work, so with getting them a flash drive, you?re already saving them the stress of recovering lost work.

3. Amazon or Barnes & Nobles Gift Certificate

Books can cost a fortune? despite the area of study ?and if your grad plans on continuing their education, they?ll be grateful for this monetary gift. Spending $50 to $200 on books a student will be using for four months is highway robbery. But buying them a gift card to a local bookstore will help alleviate the stress that comes with school. If they don?t know what career path they?ll likely take, buying them a career-oriented book to help them with their soul search is also a great way to help.

4. Airplane tickets or Getaway package

Whether it?s going white-water rafting, skydiving, a weekend stay at a deluxe resort or spa, giving your grad these types of gifts shows them, it’s okay to play and have fun in the midst of all your hard work.? Websites like LivingSocial or Groupon always provide great deals at discounted rates for when one wants to have a great time. When buying airplane tickets, travelling also gives your grad the opportunity to travel and explore (even if it?s just out of state) the world?s diversity and beauty. Travel also helps give a different perspective on life.?

5. Shower Speakers

Scientific studies show that music is good for your health. So, imagine starting your morning listening to your favorite song in the bathroom. With this gift, every morning you?re helping your grad start their day in a good, optimistic mood.

6. Certificate to Grocery Store or Fast Food Restaurant

Whether your grad is graduating from high school or college, giving them a gift card to a local supermarket, Stop & Shop, Wal-Mart, or even a restaurant like Subway, can help tremendously. Buying food outside can cost more than $20 to even $50 a week. When giving a gift card to the grocery store, you?re not only helping them be more dependent, but saving them a ton of money.?

7. Money!

If you don?t have the slightest clue on what to get your grad, the best way to play it is safe, by giving them money. Giving them money, shows that you care, but ultimately you’re giving them the autonomy to make the decision as to what they see fit to buy themselves.