The Second Wave of Search for Businesses

Microsoft’s Bing is nice. It’s better than it’s predecessor. However, Google is still the leader and search engine of choice for just about everyone. It’s fast, extensive and clean (the interface).

If you are looking for just about any information, you’ll find it on Google. You can use it to find computers, skate boards, low cost shoes, a list of the best doctors in your city, whatever.

What’s gaining a lot of steam, is the increased use and OPTIMIZATION of Google Local (see more information about it here)

Type in coffee shop 07039 and Google will list the “Top 10” coffee shops near Livingston, NJ (the zip code of 07039). This works for thousands (millions?) of different products and services.
What smart businesses know is that as more and more people turn to Google for not just “knowledge information” but for “product information”, Google local will be even more important.
There are two things I wanted to share with you.

6S Marketing has a white paper on how to maximize Google local You’ll find a lot more information on all things online as well.

The second thing is that search engine specialty company OrangeSoda has a new service called “Local Search Maps Optimization”. It’s easy to add your listing to Google Local. It’s also easy to add your listing to Google Local and then forget about it. But if you want to ensure your listing gets listed in the “top 10” results of Google local, then optimizing your local listing is critical.

Why the concern about the “top 10”. Do you scroll through listing number 5,402 when looking for a flower shop in Los Angeles? I don’t think so. You might scroll to the second page of listings, but that’s about it.

What does OrangeSoda do? Each month OrangeSoda will build citations to your contact information on other sites and directories. Citations help your business rank higher in local search maps results, boosting you into the 10-Pack, and attracting customers on the go.

What else?You get a free local number, with call tracking, to enable you to also track the phone calls that come to your business as a result of the Google local listing.

Ramon Ray is the editor and tech evangelist for