Google’s Android Wear vs. Samsung Gear Live

Google vs AndroidLG and Samsung have released smart watches ? which one works for you?

Smart watches may just be the next big thing? Google has created a platform for wearable technologies like these smart watches ? Android Wear is Google?s attempt to create a watch that integrates the technologies in the smart phones that have flooded the mobile phone market.? LG and Samsung have each offered smart watches that allow you to send and receive messages, tell time and have multiple functions. So, which one should you choose?

Features of the LG G Watch:

  • The LG G Watch has a metal case that sits flat against the skin, with a plastic body.
  • You can customize the look of your watch with more than 20 watch faces to choose from.
  • The LG G Smart Watch features no buttons ? it?s a touch-screen piece that fits with its sleek design.

The LG G Watch has a sleek design that users enjoy ?there?s no curve to this watch, which helps to make it more comfortable to wear. Users have reported a few flaws that they would like to see LG improve on in the future. Users have reported that it can be difficult to wake up the watch ? it?s supposed to be done with a flick of a wrist, but sometimes it?s a big more difficult than that.? Because of the different features offered on this watch, the battery life is limited ? users report that the battery only lasts a day and a half.

Features of the Samsung Gear Live:

  • Tells time
  • Runs limited applications
  • Messaging
  • Voice Commands

The Samsung Gear Live has limited functionality, according to many users. You can use Google Now- a personal assistant application that you may already have on your smartphone. The watch runs a variety of applications, but the menu to access them is tucked out of the way and takes some time to find it, users report.