Google Won’t Let You Forget Divorce

DIVORCEGoogle me. No, really, I can wait. It?s a visual aid for this story.

The first page of search results are a typical collection of links for any longtime writer: my personal website and other sites I run, my Facebook and Twitter pages, my LinkedIn profile, stories I?ve written for Wired and other publications, and the like. Ignore all of that. It?s the little box to the right that I want to draw your attention to. The one with my picture in it.

This box, officially called the ?knowledge card,? is a curated collection of facts that automatically turns up on Google for just about anyone with a decent internet or pop culture presence. For actors, this card will contain some well-known films they have appeared in. Athletes? boxes show teams they play on and their salaries. And then there?s the box for people like me, who are far less well-known and wholly removed from the realm of TMZ and SportsCenter.

My knowledge card is actually reasonably comprehensive. In just a few lines it says I?m known for working at Drinkhacker and, worked as a blogger for Yahoo, and even notes the short film I made in 1997. It also notes that I?m happily married. Which I am. Just not to her.

You see, my first wife and I divorced in 2010, and I got married again in May of 2012. Everyone seems to have gotten the message except for Google, where time seems to have abruptly stopped.

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