Going From Employee To Entrepreneur

ENTIf you?re fed up with your job, it may seem like there are only two steps to becoming an entrepreneur. The first is to quit your job, and the next step is to start a company. While it is possible to transition successfully from employee to entrepreneur, it?s a little more complex than that.

Here are the 12 steps you?ll need to take to become your own boss.

1. Determine what you?d like to do.

Some people call this finding your passion, but it?s more than that. Think about your skills, abilities and experience. Consider what you can realistically see yourself doing for hours each day, for weeks and years.

2. Think about what others will pay for.

A viable business is the intersection between what you?d like to do and what others will pay for. Remember the ?Jump to Conclusions Mat? from the movie Office Space? Todd loved building it, but no one was going to buy it. It wasn?t a viable business opportunity.

3. Interview ideal customers.

Find a few people that you think would be your ideal clients. Ask them about their biggest needs, fears and aspirations related to the business idea you plan to pursue. Are the benefits of your product or service in line with their real needs? Also, make a note of the words they use, as they?ll eventually help make your marketing more authentic.

4. Design your marketing and business plans.

Today?s marketing involves content creation, social media, email outreach and more. Make sure you know how you?ll approach each of these alternatives to introduce your idea to customers. At the same time, lay out a business plan that details how you intend your business to function. It doesn?t need to be super formal, but it does need to cover your operating structure, product, delivery systems and expansion plans.