A glance at some US-based start-up airlines

The recent history of domestic aviation includes both successes and failures. Some notable U.S.-based airlines that started flying since 2000:

? JetBlue Airways, began flying in 2000, survived the industry slump that followed the recession and terror attacks of 2001, and now serves about 70 cities in the U.S. Caribbean and Latin America.

? Virgin America, backed by British billionaire Richard Branson, began flying in 2007 and now serves 16 cities in the U.S. and Mexico.

? Independence Air, originally operated flights for United and other carriers then went into business for itself. Stopped flying in 2006.

? Eos Airlines, operated New York-London flights from 2005 until shutting down in 2008.

? MAXjet Airways, an all-business-class airline that flew trans-Atlantic flights from 2003 to 2007.

? Skybus Airlines, a low-cost airline based in Columbus, Ohio, from 2007 to 2008.

? Legend Airlines, Dallas-based airline offered rich amenities on smaller jets, started and shut down in 2000.