At a glance: Newbies to Forbes billionaire list

Forbes magazine added 128 new people to its list of the world’s billionaires. Of these newcomers, 38 inherited their fortunes and 90 made their own. Here are a few of the newest members to the elite club:

?Sara Blakely, 41, creator of the popular slimming undergarment Spanx who is worth $1 billion.

?Elon Musk, 40, co-founder of Paypal and electric car company Tesla who is worth $2 billion.

?Paul Singer, 67, hedge fund manager and founder of AUM Elliott Management, which specializes in distressed debt investments; worth $1 billion.

?Kevin Plank, 39, founder of athletic shoe and clothing company Under Armour Inc. and worth $1.1 billion.

?Shahid Khan, 62, who made his fortune in auto parts and bought the Jacksonville Jaguars to become the NFL’s first minority immigrant team owner. Khan is worth an estimated $2.5 billion.

?Laurene Powell Jobs, 48, who inherited her husband Steve Job’s fortune, which is largely in living trusts. She is worth an estimated $9 billion.