Gift Guide for the Road

Travel giftsThe business traveler in your life has it tough.

Too much time in airports. Too many nights in unfamiliar beds. Too much small talk with clients. Too much unhealthy food.

So why not take advantage of the present-giving season to make things better for your favorite road warrior? In the second annual Business Class holiday gift roundup, behold some of the travel gadgets that can make road life easier, calmer and much more pleasant.

Jambox: Few things make your hotel room more comfortable than your favorite music, but too few rooms feature docks for MP3 players. And who wants to sit around all night with headphones on? Jambox solves that problem wirelessly, connecting to your music player by Bluetooth. More important, it provides rich, full sound with impressive bass for a portable speaker. ($199,

They?re competitors making the same thing: 216 rare-earth magnets that are pliable enough to manipulate easily but sticky enough to hold whatever shape you choose. The possibilities seem endless, making them a fine distraction in the hotel room or on the plane. And let?s face it: Even adults need toys sometimes. ($34.95-$39.99,; $34.99-$44.99,

Belkin travel router: Wireless Internet is just about standard at hotels these days, but the signal often is spotty. This tiny router from Belkin allows travelers to create their own password-protected wireless network by plugging into the hotel broadband jack. Suddenly you?re not sharing bandwidth with the guy one room over who is endlessly streaming the YouTube flavor of the month. ($79.99,

Three-ounce travel flask: Those 3 ounces approved at the airport don?t need to be shampoo, you know. Thanks to the Visol?s Tanha stainless steel flask, you have far more fun options. Bring a little of your favorite gin for a sky-high G&T or that top-shelf whiskey for a little warmup at 38,000 feet. This little guy ? 4 1/2 inches tall by 3 inches wide ? doesn?t allow for much of a drink, but you save on the overpriced stuff sold from the cart while drinking the higher quality stuff you?d have if you were home. ($26.95,

21 Drops: Do they work? Who knows? But this company?s sleek line of aromatherapy vials could very well help a road warrior sleep, digest, boost immunity or ? my favorite ? beat a hangover, among 17 other options. The vials are small and light, fitting easily into a purse or computer bag, and the oils are applied through a roller. For the traveler who spends far too much time in airports, the best option might just be scent No. 10: calm. ($30 per bottle,

Source: MCT Information Services