Getting Back on Track: How to Manage Distraction

Managing Distraction  Managing distraction ? how do you do it?

What does it take to keep distraction at a minimum and how do you manage to keep yourself from falling for it? Is there an effective way to get back on the rebound after being totally distracted from your work? If you find yourself asking these questions, then it is high time for you to learn a thing or two about managing distraction.?

Understanding Distraction
Needless to say, distraction comes in all forms and sizes. And while it may seem innocent enough, it has the power to severely affect your productivity at work. Everybody has to deal with such challenges from time to time but freelancing professionals and solo entrepreneurs are the most susceptible to such temptations.?
Basically, there are two ways by which you can deal with it. You can either take proactive steps to minimize distraction or you can design a strategy to get back on track after something took your focus away from your job.?
Managing Distraction ? Some Simple Yet Effective Tips on How to Do It
Plan your day. Create a to-do list and start prioritizing. In the same manner, you should schedule the best time to read your emails, call your clients and visit your favorite social networking sites.?
Set achievable goals. Don’t shoot for the moon. Aim for something that can be realistically achieved given the time and resources you have. Having a realistic list of what you need to achieve on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can help you focus and stay on track.
Remember to schedule breaks. Working without breaks can lead to burnouts. No one wants that to happen. You may not know it but fitting breaks into your tight schedule, no matter how brief they are, can actually increase your level of productivity.
Acknowledge it. Rather than being annoyed, you should learn how to acknowledge distraction as a normal part of life. This will help put you in a better mood and will enable you to move forward with your projects once the interruption has passed.?
Jot down your idea. Don’t forget to bookmark your idea before acknowledging any interruptions.
Know your most productive time. Does your creative genius manifest itself during the earlier part of the day or are you more productive during late afternoons? Are you inspired to work better during the night? Determine what works for you best and put it to use. You’ll surely get more work done this way.
Get enough rest. Wondering why this is included on the list? Well, it is because substantial sleep loss can dampen your productivity and leave you more susceptible to distractions the following day.
Managing distractions and keeping your productivity level high can be a tough call but you will definitely learn how you can achieve these things by following these simple yet effective suggestions.