Getting Ready for the Next-Gen Brains of Next-Gen Workers

Generation YThey’re called “digital natives,” and they’re all around you. If you have children, they could be growing up right now in your home.

Digital natives are growing up with continuous exposure to the internet which is creating an entirely different generation of workers. The constant use of digital products is shaping their brains in ways never seen before.

Experts concur that more research is needed to determine the effect of a digital world on the neural changes in the brain. They recognize that digital natives have an entirely different way of thinking.

Digital natives have stronger and more developed brain cells to control a wider range of certain activities. They are comfortable networking instantaneously with larger groups of people and, at the same time, handling huge amounts of information. Digital natives grow up expecting their activities to yield short-term rewards, as with video games. Now, they will be looking to duplicate that experience in their work place.

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