Get A Week of iPhone 6 Battery Life

IPHONEThe company replaced the battery Apple built into the iPhone 6 with an Intelligent Energy fuel cell of the same size. The only modifications needed were the addition of vents that allowed water vapor to escape.

The battery, first reported on by the Telegraph, could solve one of the biggest pain points for smartphone customers: Anxiety over the incessant need to charge up.

The constant fear that your phone battery is about to die even has a name: nomophobia.

Intelligent Energy is rumored to be in discussions with Apple about a possible future partnership. In an interview with Bloomberg, Intelligent Energy Finance Director Mark Lawson-Stratam declined to discuss any timeline for mass production or possible partners. But he acknowledged that the company is getting “closer” to being able to release the product to the public.

Intelligent Energy already makes portable hydrogen fuel cells for customers, including its Upp line of chargers that store enough battery power for five full smartphone charges (they’re sold in Apple Stores in the United Kingdom). It also makes hydrogen fuel cell technology that it hopes to build into cars.

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