Get Noticed! Be a Leader in the Office

be a leader in the officeUpward movement in the workplace is not only about the work you do, but also about whether or not your boss notices. You may be a model employee, but if nobody sees these characteristics, you may get passed over for promotions in favor of people who do a better job of not only working well, but demonstrating this to superiors. There’s a fine line between getting noticed and showing off, so consider some of these ways to help your boss notice you without being obnoxious and appearing to fish for a promotion.

Take Initiative to Lead:
Although you shouldn’t step on anyone’s toes, you do need to be seen as a leader in the workplace to have a shot at the promotion you’re looking for. Therefore, whenever you’re given the opportunity to lead a group or task force you’re a part of, go ahead and take it. Of course, let others take this role occasionally if they would like to, but at least consider taking it yourself whenever you have the chance. Even if the task is a difficult one that you’re not sure you’ll succeed at, taking the initiative to lead shows that you’re willing to take a risk and are not just trying to lead when the going is easy.

Submit Work Early: If you have a big project or report due, don’t wait until the last second to get the work done. Submitting projects early demonstrates that you’re effective at time management and that you care about being prompt. It also shows a respect for others because you aren’t stepping on toes, requiring that others help you meet your own deadlines, or wasting their time by delaying getting your part of the task to them. However, in this effort, make sure you’re doing the work well, too. Submitting something early when it isn’t well done is not going to get you noticed in a good way.

Track Your Accomplishments: In most types of jobs, you have an annual performance review. In addition to having your boss review the performance he or she has noticed, you’ll also probably get a chance to self-review. It’s much easier to remember what you’ve accomplished in the last year if you keep track of these things as they occur. Create a word processing file or even just a small notebook you keep at your desk where you track each of your accomplishments at work. Look over this before your review, and even bring it with you for reference if you want.

Your performance and attitude in the workplace can go a long way in helping you get noticed by your boss and be in a good spot in line when promotions are available. In addition to working hard, make sure you’re a team player and that you have a positive attitude. Most leadership positions involve managing others, and your positivity will help motivate people much more than a negative attitude would. And of course, it never hurts to recognize your boss for a job well done!