Tips for Job Seekers in a Rebounding Economy

Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired: Some Tips to Consider

With the job market recovering steadily over the past few months, job seekers should bring their A game to increase their chances of getting hired. How exactly can you do that? Here are some tips that you may find useful.

Be quick. Job seekers who respond quickly to job postings have the distinct advantage of having their resumes seen by their prospective employers. This is extremely important since employers usually receive hundreds and even thousands of responses for every single job posting.

Develop a target list of employers. You can respond more quickly to job postings by creating a list of companies that you would like to work for. Make it a point to visit their company websites more often, get Google alerts to know the latest news about them and sign up for their job alerts. You can also expand your list of target companies by cultivating leads from industry conferences, conventions and trade shows, business news sites and jobs boards.

Customize your resume. Always include the post’s keywords in your resume to increase its chances of attracting the hiring manager’s attention. Keep in mind that no matter how impressive your resume is, it would not mean anything if it doesn’t get read.

Ask for referrals. Job seekers who are clever enough to work their way into getting referred to their target employers are more likely to get a response. Remember, referrals make it to the top of the pile so try to see who among your contacts work (or was previously employed) at your target companies and ask if they can help you get your resume into the hands of the right person.

Prioritize your job interview. Hiring managers appreciate job applicants who put their job interviews on top of their priorities. So, plan your day around your interview and do not simple squeeze it into your day. This can ease the tension you already feel and help you impress your hiring manager.

Be proud about gaps in your employment. Instead of apologizing for any gaps in your employment as most job seekers do, you should explain why you made that decision and why you are proud that you took that course of action. Do not be ashamed for doing something that is important to you.

Show your enthusiasm. Employers are looking for people who are passionate about their job so don’t hesitate to show your enthusiasm. You should likewise consider asking your interviewer some strategic and well thought of questions to further show your interest for the job.