Generation Growth Capital Founder Cory Nettles Promotes African American Businesses


Cory NettlesThis week, the African American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) honored business leader Cory Nettles. Nettles is the founder and managing director of Milwaukee-based Generation Growth Capital Inc. and according to Eve Hall, president and CEO of (AACC), he is a revered business leader who is passionate about economic development and wealth creation.
In recognition of Small Business Week, here is a recent interview I had with Nettles that includes advice for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. Tell me a bit about your company.
Cory Nettles: We are a private equity fund focused on providing growth or buyout capital to small businesses located in the Upper Midwest.  In addition to producing a market rate return on capital to our investors, we also are a “double bottom line fund”, which means that we also are interested in generating “social returns” in addition to economic ones.
? How and why did you launch your own company?
C.N.: I launched my PE fund because I saw an opportunity to acquire small Midwest based businesses where the owners needed liquidity to fund their retirements.  This market gap allowed us to develop an investment niche where we can provide outsized returns to our investors.
?? How do you feel about being honored recently by the African American Chamber of Commerce?

C.N.: I am honored and humbled to be recognized by the African American Chamber of Commerce. An important part of our investment strategy is providing capital to ethnic minority entrepreneurs who lack access to capital. Communities like MILWAUKEE with a significant African American populations need strong, vibrant African American businesses. The Chamber under Dr. Hall’s leadership is making a big difference in providing value to African American owned businesses in Milwaukee.  
?? What advice do you have for other aspiring entrepreneurs who want to launch a successful business?
C.N.: Be exceptionally competent in the goods you produce or the services you provide, and gain access to individuals who have the ability and influence to drive business your way.