Future Job Opportunities Slated to be ‘In Demand’

Looking for a jobHot Job Prospects for the Future

When searching for future job opportunities, you want to know that the career field you are considering is going to be in high demand so you can be sure that you will not be part of an unemployment number that is currently in the neighborhood of 8.5%. According to several top career sites, there are many great job opportunities available that are poised for longevity. The key to getting a secure job is having the skill set to perform the duties and tasks that the job requires. This may involve pursuing a degree or certification in that career field so you can land that in-demand job. ?

The Areas That Made the Cut

  1. Graphic/Web Designer
    If you are someone who likes to work on the Internet, likes advertising and likes making websites look better,? then becoming a graphic designer could be the right job for you. A projected growth of about 44 percent is expected in the future and with a median salary of around $41,000, this could be the perfect career opportunity for people looking to be self-employed while working from home.
  2. Video Game Designer
    With the huge success of many online video games on computers, cell phones, and PDA?s along with top video gaming companies like Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo, the gaming job market is exploding. If you love playing video games then you may just love creating them. Many of the skills needed to create video games are self-taught and with a 35 percent rate of projected job growth, this could be a viable choice for a career move. The average median salary for a video game designer is $65,500.
  3. Physician’s Assistant
    People will always be seen by doctors, no matter how the economy is doing. For this reason, career choices in the medical field are always popular and safe. A physician?s assistant job could be a smart career move because it is estimated that clinics and hospitals will be looking for new assistants at a rate of about 27 percent in the next couple of years. With a median salary of about $89,000, most physicians? assistants earn their master?s degrees in as little as two years of post-graduate education.
  4. Data Administrator
    No matter how the economy is doing, companies will need people to input all the data they are collecting. Whether it is an insurance company or a financial institution, the data entry field will grow rapidly in the next couple of years. At a growth rate of almost 30 percent, most database administrators start their careers with a two-year degree. If you enjoy working in an office environment and working with computers, then becoming a data administrator may be the right career for you. A median salary of about $73,000 is expected in this field.