From Poverty to Prosperity:?Tasha H. Kornegay Launches “Our Treatment Center”

Tasha KornegayTasha H. Kornegay worked her way out of childhood poverty to become the successful owner of Our Treatment Center, PLLC, located in Apex, NC. ?

“Poverty was my starting point; I wanted to only go up from there. The only way to win was to move up and escape poverty. It was a no-brainer, I thought. It was my ultimate goal in life and my strategy included, determination, and perseverance,” says Kornegay. “It wasn’t a struggle to leave the ugly face of poverty behind, but it was hard to leave others behind who didn’t have the same determination. So, I decided not to leave them behind. I am active in my community, in my volunteer work, and in educating people. I wanted to provide the same support that was provided to me.”

She says her biggest drive to succeed came from her grandmother. “My grandmother was the largest influence in my life. She always said I could do and be anything. She didn’t think being poor, growing up in public housing, having a teen mother, and not having my biological father in my life should be an excuse to not strive for success,” says Kornegay.

Now with her Our Treatment Center, Kornegay makes six figures. “Growing up in Few Gardens Public Housing in Durham, NC, I was always seen as the community therapist,” explains Kornegay. “During all those talks and sessions on my stoop, unbeknownst to me at that time, the community members were molding me for this line of work. Moving forward, after reflecting on all the issues that were taking place in my community at that time, I continued to see those same issues in my community and it was disparaging. At that point, Our Treatment Center was born.”

The center offers outpatient therapy to individuals and families of all backgrounds and ethnicities. It also provides customized services for patients with disabilities (i.e. mobility issues) or issues related to stigmas. Training is available to students looking to obtain their master’s or doctorate degree in the Counseling and Mental Health fields.

Throughout the years, Kornegay says she’s learned more than a few lessons in business. “My biggest business lesson has been not knowing the many stigmas associated with mental health therapy. I had to assist people with dropping the fear of stigmas related to receiving therapy. Acknowledging the need for therapy is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength,” she says.

For Kornegay, opening Our Treatment Center was her best business move. “My best business move has been giving back and giving people my best. I give them the proper tools to deal with whatever mental stressors life throws their way,” she says.