Freelancing on the Side? 5 Tips to Keep Your Boss Happy While You Do

freelanching careerFreelancing while working fulltime? It can be done!

Times are
tough. A lot of people are scraping by month after month just to make ends
meet. Even those who have fulltime jobs are looking for ways to earn some extra
money. No wonder, a lot of people are thinking about starting
a freelance career
. According to an independent study commissioned by the
Freelancers Union & Elance-oDesk in 2014, out of the 53 million Americans who
are working as freelancers, 27% or 14.3 million are moonlighting
on top of their regular 9-to-5 jobs.

Needless to
say, working on a freelance career and holding a regular job can be more
difficult than you have ever imagined. You need to satisfy the needs of your
clients and keep your boss happy with the quality of your work all the time. Plus,
you also need to take care of yourself and make time for your family and friends.
Since things can easily get complicated under such situation, how can you bring
home more cash without frustrating your boss? Here are some simple yet
effective tips that you should consider.

Check the fine print. Before taking on
your first freelance project, you need to check your contract and comb through
the small print. Make sure there are no non-compete clauses that prevent you
from doing the same work outside the company or for the same clients. Keep in
mind that breaking the agreements stipulated in your employment contract can be
a basis for termination (and even a lawsuit) so you better check your contract
before you go freelancing.

Give your boss a heads up. Don’t hide
anything from your boss. Since there is a great chance that he will know about
it anyway, consider telling your boss about your situation and assure him that
it would not affect your performance and commitment at work. While you don’t
need to discuss the details of your projects, your contract may require you to
divulge what type of work you will be freelancing on to put your boss’s mind at

Emphasize the benefits to the organization.
Let your boss know how your freelancing job can help you get valuable skills
and experience, and how you can apply these in your current job.??

Give it your best. To assure your boss
that your freelancing career is not negatively affecting your job, you need to
go beyond what is expected of you. So, stay on top deadlines, display more
enthusiasm at work, share bright ideas, and always be on time for meetings.

Do freelance projects on your own time.
Under no circumstances should you work on your freelance projects during office
hours, or use the company’s resources for your projects.

Figuring out
how to do it can be difficult at first but you can have a successful freelance
career while working fulltime by following these simple yet effective tips.?