Free Apps Help Manage Your Presentations

Business Chart Show Give your business documents and presentations a creative touch

Creating visually appealing business documents and presentations can make a big difference to your business. It can help reinforce the message you are trying to communicate and make things more interesting and easier to understand. If you want to achieve better results by giving your business documents and presentations a touch of creativity, you may want to take a look at the following business apps for desktops, iPads and iPhones. Don’t worry ? they’re all available for free!

Prezi is a cloud-based software that can help you create visually appealing presentations. As the name implies, you can use this app to zoom in and pan around your presentation to better emphasize and highlight your ideas. You can also use it to import PowerPoint slides, images, PDFs and videos and in doing online or offline presentations. ?It also allows you to work in collaboration with up to 10 people in editing a document or presentation in real-time. Prezi can be installed on your desktop or on your iPad for free.

SlideRocket is simply one of the best and most popular online presentation software available in the market today. With SlideRocket, you can create stunning PowerPoint presentations, save them on your Google Drive, and access and share them anywhere ? online or off. You can also use it to measure audience impact through its built-in presentation analytics. You can download SlideRocket for your iPad, iPhone and other HTML 5 compliant device for free.

LucidChart is a browser-based collaborative drawing and wireframing tool. With LucidChart, you can easily create, display and share flow charts, mindmaps, organizational charts, UML diagrams and more. Its highly intuitive nature lets users drag and drop shapes and lines into a canvas to start mapping out a process quite easily.
This web-based app allows for real-time collaboration between unlimited number of people and allows for the instantaneous merging and synchronization of all the changes that have been made in the document. Since LucidChart is an HTML5 Webb app, you can also use it in your iPad without having to download anything.

Scroll Kit
Scroll Kit is a web-based app that allows users to create visually appealing websites without any coding. Its drag and drop feature makes it dead simple for users to express their creativity on a blank canvas and instantly publish their finished work to the web in just one click.