Frederick Morton

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Tempo, MTV Networks
New York City. Age: 37

Frederick Morton Jr., a native of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, came to the United States at the age of 17. Although he was raised in the Caribbean, it was not until he had spent time on the mainland that he gained an appreciation of his culture. That appreciation remained with him over the years, resulting in his vision to create a vehicle in which he could bring the Caribbean culture to the masses. His vision became a reality in November 2005 when MTV Networks launched Tempo, a Caribbean-oriented channel dedicated to popular and classic Caribbean music, entertainment and culture.

Morton, senior vice president and general manager of Tempo, used his experience as an attorney, business savvy and creativity to persuade MTV of Tempo?s promise. ?I argued what I believed to be an undeniable case for Tempo before the Supreme Court of MTV Networks,? he said.

Morton is a graduate of Rutgers Law School. He also obtained a master?s of public administration from Columbia University?s School of International and Public Affairs and a bachelor?s degree in economics from Rutgers College. He recognizes Tempo as a huge undertaking, the personification of his vested interest in Caribbean culture. Television is the perfect medium to reach and influence youth in their own language, he says.

Morton had adequate preparation for Tempo. He was an attorney at the prestigious law firm Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett, where he represented Fortune 500 companies. He moved on to become corporate counsel for Johnson & Johnson, and later joined Viacom Inc., where he rose to chief litigation counsel. Once Morton arrived at MTV Networks, he had amassed an impressive amount of high-profile legal experience. His professional accomplishments put him in a position to combine his passion for Caribbean culture and the law into what he calls a ?groundbreaking venture.?

Morton?s lifelong goal is to be steadfast in his effort to uplift the Caribbean and its people throughout the world, highlighting their achievements and creating opportunities for economic growth for the region.