Former Commander and Chief of Hurricane Katrina Task Force Lt. Gen. Russel Honore Honored

Russell Honore honoredWhen it comes to leadership and standing at the forefront of growth, development and change, Lt. General Russel Honore’ stands above most people.? A decorated military man, with the U.S. Government for more than 30 years, Honore’ emerged as a national hero with his Herculean leadership and command of recovery efforts in New Orleans in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina.
The retired commander and chief said the most effective leaders are those that are groomed at home and carry those traits into the corporate and professional worlds.? Honore’ should know.? ?When you are in charge, take charge,? he said in a recent interview with ?When you have the opportunity to make a difference, make a difference. That’s what good and effective leadership is all about.? Honore’ was feted in February at a Black History Month celebration at a private and posh black tie gala at the lavish Mansion on Main Street in Voorhees, NJ.

Honore’ said outstanding leadership and direction starts at home and grows into everyday life into our personal and professional relationships. ?You can inspire trust only by being trustworthy,? he said. ?For your family to trust you, your audio and your video have to match, as we say in the Army.?
Honore’ promoted and signed copies of his recent book, ?Leadership in the New Normal.” The book chronicles the distinguished 37 year career of the military man. He writes, ?After serving in some awful places in some awful weather under some awfully dangerous conditions and on all kinds of missions, I flew into New Orleans on a Navy aircraft and saw the absolute devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans showed me that up to that point I had never really been asked to do the impossible and that I really didn’t know how vicious criticism could get.?
Lastly, Honore’ cautioned entrepreneurs and other professionals to be prepared to be criticized by others and to ?never get stuck on stupid,? when trying to achieve personal or professional success. ?Leadership is the art and science of influencing others to willingly follow your direction?the key word is willingly. If you want followers to follow wholeheartedly, you have to give them something to aspire to.?