Floyd Mayweather Is Smarter Than He Appears

MAYWEATHER(MHL) – There is a new muscle building supplement on the block – and it is a gamechanger. Developed by a start-up out of New York, the supplement is the first hybrid supplement of its kind, which contains all the necessary components for rapid muscle growth and fat loss. The supplement is reported to contain 20x more creatine than steak, 100% natural testosterone boosters and a unique pump matrix, which is propietary to the company. Put simply, on paper, this supplement looks to be the real deal.

After further research, we were surprised to discover a number of celebrities have also been using the supplement to rapidly build muscle. Floyd Mayweather (who just competed in “The Fight Of The Century”), claimed he put on an astonishing 18 lbs of lean muscle, while losing 15 lbs of fat in under 3 weeks of taking the supplement. Our resident Men’s Health trainer, Ben Summers, had this to say about the supplement: “the ability of the supplement to build lean muscle, whilst holding off fat accumulation, makes it ideal for both athletes and your everyday gym rat”. So what are these supplements and where can you find them?

Trainers call this new supplement stack “nature’s steroid alternative” that lets you build muscle while you burn fat…

So what is it? The supplement is called Ripped Muscle X. Ripped Muscle X’s revolutionary pump matrix, natural fat burners and creatine content make it a muscle-building machine. According to one of our readers, who tested the product, it “gave me pumps and fullness in my muscle that totally blew my mind. Once you start taking it, within a week I gaurantee you’ll see noticable results”.

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