Flowers Communications Group Updated Statement

    Sept. 11, 2011 00:20 UTC

    Flowers Communications Group Updated Statement

    We were made aware that one of our now former employees has been
    arrested and charged with a serious crime. While we respect the legal
    process, we adhere to a strict code of ethics,?which we expect every
    employee to uphold. It is also important to note that we conduct
    extensive background checks for all potential employees and in the case
    of Mr. Carrillo, who joined our firm in February 2011,?there was no
    criminal history. We believe, however,?that our code of ethics was
    violated and took immediate steps to enforce our code. We decided to
    move swiftly to terminate his employment. The integrity of our clients,
    our staff and our agency is our foremost priority, which warranted
    decisive action.

    This unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance is not reflective of who we
    are as a company or what we represent. It does, however, present what we
    know is a crisis situation and in response to it we have taken the same
    timely and critical steps we would advise to any of our clients. From a
    business perspective, we will continue to provide the excellent service
    that has been our hallmark for the past 20 years.

    Michelle Flowers Welch
    Founder and CEO

    Rashada Whitehead


    Flowers Communications Group
    Ronald E. Childs, 312-228-8807

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