Five Ways to Inspire Your Team Daily

teamsQ: What do you do to inspire your team on a daily basis?

A: Share feedback.
“Unfortunately, positive (and sometimes negative) feedback from clients/customers doesn’t reach the people who matter: those who are putting in all of the hard work. I always try to share feedback with the team to let them know they’re doing a great job or need to learn from a mistake. I may or may not ride around the office on a Razor scooter distributing high fives.” Michael Cleary, Huemor

Show them how they’re making a real difference. “We are in the SEO business, and every team member contributes to client success. I make sure to show the SEO progress we are making in terms of specific KPI increases — that means increased rankings, organic traffic and conversions. This lets them see the end result they contributed to and how they’re making a real difference.” Christopher Rodgers, Colorado SEO Pros

Send voice memo updates. “As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly getting ideas on how to grow my business, and I find that sending regular voice memos to my team is a great way to convey what’s happening and also keep them feeling like they’re part of something big. Everyone wants to feel like they’re striving toward something, and I want my team to be proud of the work they’re contributing to.” Selena Soo, S2 Groupe

Express appreciation and encourage contribution. “At AlignedSigns. com, we like to verbally express our thanks and appreciation for the hard work the team does. We know that pay is a necessity, but an upbeat morale goes a long way inspiring aligned vision thinking. We love it when someone has a great idea we can try out and is excited to contribute furthering our unified goals.” Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

Continue to inspire.
“If you already picked a good or great team, then light clarifications should result in more positive outcomes for all involved. Pick winners, cut some slack here and there, find gaps and help them fill it to achieve outstanding results. Internally-motivated team members only need better intel and support to get inspired and make the right calls.” O. Liam Wright, True Interaction

(Source: TCA)