Five Tips for Starting an Employee Fitness Program

Employee fitness programOffering fitness-oriented programs in the workplace supports wellness

Employers are focusing more and more on wellness and prevention in the workplace, thanks largely to the changes in the Affordable Care Act. Offering fitness-oriented programs in the workplace supports wellness and benefits your business by fostering team building and enhanced employee engagement. Here are five tips for starting a successful employee fitness program:

Sponsor One Event Per Month?

Keeping interest alive once the newness of an employee fitness program has worn off can be a challenge. Keep the momentum going by hosting one unique team-building event per month. Sponsor a fun run or Tough Mudder-style race, create an obstacle course or hold an office-wide Olympics. These fun activities will keep your employees active and excited about the fitness program.?

Create a Challenge Board?

Motivate employees to complete daily physical activities by creating a challenge board. List relatively simple tasks, like doing 50 squats desk-side each hour for a day, then track everyone’s progress. This keeps your employees accountable and encourages healthy competition. Allowing employees to create their own challenges can also teach you about their interests and goals.?

Leverage Employee Support?

When you share your fitness goals with others for support, you are more likely to reach those goals. Challenge employees to keep track of their steps, eating habits and calories burned, then compare their progress using a health-tracking software program.

Create a Healthy Work Environment?

Help your employees stay on track with their diet and fitness goals by creating a healthy work environment. Instead of bringing donuts in on Monday morning, surprise the staff with fresh fruits. Swap birthday cakes with frozen yogurt and keep the lunchroom fridge stocked with pre-cut veggies like carrot and celery sticks.?

Offer Charitable Incentives?

Motivate your staff and develop a sense of shared purpose by signing up for a charity race. Raise funds together, then see who can cross the finish line first as you run, walk or bike together.?

Have you started an employee fitness plan? Share your best tips for making it successful in the comments below!