Five Tasks First-Time Business Owners Should Outsource Immediately

BizQ: What’s one task first-time business owners should outsource immediately?

All things legal. “Unless you went to law school, outsourcing your legal work can save you time and money on complex tasks. Although using DIY legal sites are tempting, the ramifications of incorrectly completing legal-related tasks can be disastrous. Legal outsourcing early saves money and time later. If you’re being sued, it’s too late.” Antonio Calabrese, Boonle

Payroll. “Doing payroll and associated taxes by hand can be time consuming and prone to error. Use a payroll service like Gusto or ADP. Even if you are a solopreneur, if you bring in revenue and pay yourself a salary, consider setting up payroll.” John Arroyo, Arroyo Labs, Inc.

Your biggest weakness. “Spend your time focusing on your strengths and outsourcing your weaknesses. I could very well be the world’s most unorganized person (definitely in the top 10); my business really began to take off once I acknowledged my weakness, gave up on organizing things myself and handed off the crucial tasks to people who were inherently good at organization.” Max Coursey, Tiger Prop

Accounting and finances. “Even if you’ve got a head for numbers, it’s better to leave things, such as taxes, to a professional. Tax law, after all, is constantly changing, and managing the taxes for your business has the potential to eat up a ton of time that could be better spent growing your business.” Steven Buchwald, Buchwald & Associates

Outreach. “One of the most important aspects of getting your business out there is outreach, but it’s also one of the most time-consuming. Work with someone from your team and show them how to contact websites, potential clients and media outlets with a soft intro email. Once a relationship has been established, you can than respond to that email directly or pass them off in the right direction.” Zac Johnson,

(Source: TCA)