Five New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

business new year resolution, new business goalsBecome a better business person with these New Year’s resolutions

The year’s end is a perfect time to think about your business’s progress over the past year and your goals for the future. If you want to increase your success in 2013 and boost your business, follow these five New Year’s resolutions.?

Promote Your Business Consistently and Regularly?

Promoting a small business takes time, money and lots of effort, but it should never be at the bottom of your to-do list. Make promotion a priority in the new year to attract new customers. Resolve to reassess your marketing strategy, hire a marketing expert or create a plan to bring new customers in.?

Hold Weekly Business Planning Sessions?

Planning is essential to fostering a healthy, growing business. Instead of assessing your business plan once a quarter or once a year, set aside time every week to review, adjust and plan for the future. Use the time to refine old goals or set new directions to stay on track and avoid costly mistakes.?

Join a New Networking Group or Business Organization?

Interacting with other entrepreneurs sparks new ideas and refines old ones. In the new year, make an effort to reach out to organizations dedicated to your type of business. Being a part of the group will re-energize your business.?

Drop What Is Not Working?

Resolve to move on from what is not working for you and your business in the new year. Not all products fly off the shelves, not all contractors or suppliers are suited to your business, and not all sales methods work for everyone. Identify what does work, then drop the rest and move on.?

Schedule Time for You?

Finding a work-personal life balance is essential to your success both within your business and in other aspects of life. Schedule time just for yourself on your calendar to invest in yourself.?

What business resolutions are you making this year? Share your goals with our readers in the comment section below!