Five Daily Motivators Keep These Entrepreneurs on Task

motivateQ: What is your biggest daily motivation to keep working hard?

A: Our impact on the community. “On a daily basis, I try to set realistic goals that remind me of why I started Aligned Signs. Doing this allows me to continue to see the positive impact we are making in the community. Then, when reflecting on the day, it feels good to see we’ve made progress. I like to inspire myself by setting further bite-size goals for the next day.” Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

Our purpose. “I believe in the purpose of my work. We are helping people with one of the greatest gifts an American can acquire: a home. Further, our value proposition puts the consumer into a more equitable position in the home, saves them money on fees and offers better marketing. Knowing what we are doing and how it is impacting people’s lives makes me feel a quasi-moral obligation to grow and succeed.” Max Coursey, Tiger Prop

My team. “Having people around me and feeling like we’re all moving in the same direction is game changing. I spent many years as a solopreneur, and the motivation then was harder to nail down. Now, seeing everyone striving toward the same goals is daily motivation (even when we’re remote — Slack works wonders).” Rob Walling, Drip

My legacy.
“The legacy of excellence that I want to leave for my daughter (and future children) keeps me going. I’m a big believer in the power of community, and I know that the impact I make in my corner of the globe helps to move my community, and our world, forward in a positive way. Being an entrepreneur can be daunting because you have lofty goals, but knowing I’m making even the smallest impact keeps me going.” Nailah Blades-Wylie, Wylie & Co.

My desire for excellence.
“I’m fueled by a personal desire for excellence. It is my belief that no one should ever settle for mediocrity, so I’m constantly thinking about the ways I might improve both my business and myself. For me, a day can only be considered a success if I can honestly say I’m a better person than I was the day before.” Steven Buchwald, Buchwald & Associates

(Source: TCA)