Fired Yahoo CEO backs down, resigns from board

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ? Carol Bartz has resigned from the Yahoo board of directors that she blasted for firing her as the company’s CEO last week.

The resignation reversed a defiant stance that Bartz took in a fiery interview published on Fortune magazine’s website on Sept. 8. Bartz said, at the time, that she intended to retain her seat on Yahoo’s board even though she considered her fellow directors to be “doofuses.”

Bartz, who is 63, resigned from the board Sept. 9, according to an email from a board spokesman. Yahoo Inc. had previously said that Bartz was obligated to resign after her ouster as CEO.

Yahoo has nine members left on its board. Some shareholders, unhappy with Yahoo’s performance in recent years, believe Chairman Roy Bostock, and several other directors, should resign too.