Finding the Perfect Domain Name for Your Online Business

perfect domain name, domain name, good domain name, domain name for businessTips to find a domain name that suits your business

Finding the perfect domain name for your web-based business can be difficult. Instead of making a mutated version of your business name by chopping it into pieces or tossing in a hyphen, follow these tips to find a domain name that fits your company.?

  1. Forgo Descriptive or Literal Company Names
    These names are common and sound quite vanilla ? not exactly the impression you want to make on potential clients and customers. ?Domainers? buy up descriptive domains quickly so they can generate ad revenue, so generic-sounding names are often pricey to obtain.

    Avoid generic terms that will have to compete with all the other businesses in your field. For example ?Business Management Associates? may describe what you do, but it is a pretty forgettable name and chances are the domain is already taken.

  2. Instead, Think Different
    Instead of describing what your business does in generic terms, evoke a feeling of the benefits you provide. Communicate with your clients on an emotional level by using a mash-up of positive connotation words that are aspirational, memorable and strong. Keep mixing and matching them until you find a domain that is available.
  3. Invest in a Strong Domain
    If you still come up empty, shop around at sites that have amassed hundreds of thousands of domain names. Many sites make it easy to find the perfect domain name ? you just enter a list of desired words and buy the best match. It might cost you between one and three thousand dollars to get the name you want, but it may be worth the investment.
  4. Make it Social
    A matching .com domain name is important, but make sure your new name is also available on important social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. A great domain name is far less valuable if it is already taken on these sites.
  5. Get Professional Help
    If all else fails, contact a naming service to help brand and name your business. You can get a list of names for as little as a few hundred dollars, or go all-out with a high-end service that will cost you thousands but result in a thorough and vetted process.

Creating a memorable and unique brand name is one of the best ways to make a good name for your business and increase your chances of finding the perfect domain. How did you name your online business? Share your pointers for finding a unique and compelling domain name in the comments section below!