Financial Decisions That Will Change Your Lilfe

FOCUSThere?s nothing worse than a rich person who?s chronically angry or unhappy. There?s really no excuse for it, yet I see this phenomenon every day. It results from an extremely unbalanced life, one with too much expectation and not enough appreciation for what?s there.

Without gratitude and appreciation for what you already have, you?ll never know true fulfillment. But how do you cultivate balance in life? What?s the point of achievement if your life has no balance?

For nearly four decades, I?ve had the privilege of coaching people from every walk of life, including some of the most powerful men and women on the planet. I?ve worked with presidents of the United States as well as owners of small businesses. ??

Across the board, I?ve found that virtually every moment people make three key decisions that dictate the quality of their lives.

If you make these decisions unconsciously, you’ll end up like majority of people who tend to be out of shape physically, exhausted emotionally and often financially stressed. But if you make these decisions consciously, you can literally change the course of your life today.?

Decision 1: Carefully choose what to focus on.

At every moment, millions of things compete for your attention. You can focus on things that are happening right here and now or on what you want to create in the future. Or you can focus on the past.

Where focus goes, energy flows. What you focus on and your pattern for doing so shapes your entire life.?

Which area do you tend to focus on more: what you have or what?s missing from your life?

I?m sure you think about both sides of this coin. But if you examine your habitual thoughts, what do you tend to spend most of your time dwelling on??

Rather than focusing on what you don?t have and begrudging those who are better off than you financially, perhaps you should acknowledge that you have much to be grateful for and some of it has nothing to do with money. You can be grateful for your health, family, friends, opportunities and mind.

Developing a habit of appreciating what you have can create a new level of emotional well-being and wealth. But the real question is, do you take time to deeply feel grateful with your mind, body, heart and soul? That?s where the joy, happiness and fulfillment can be found.?

Consider a second pattern of focus that affects the quality of your life: Do you tend to focus more on what you can control or what you can?t?

If you focus on what you can?t control, you?ll have more stress in life. You can influence many aspects of your life but you usually can?t control them.?

When you adopt this pattern of focus, your brain has to make another decision: ?