Finally, a Financing Strategy That Favors Women

Finally, investors that actually favor women: you.

I know, it sounds incredible. Women entrepreneurs get just 19 percent of angel funding and about six percent of venture capital, making it much harder for women to build companies that can scale and succeed.

But on Kickstarter, according to a new study, things work very differently. In that arena, women’s odds of successfully getting funded are actually slightly superior to men’s. The numbers aren’t huge: Women have about an eight percentage-point advantage, according to a paper entitled “Gender Dynamics in Crowdfunding: (Kickstarter),” and authored by Dan Marom, Alicia Robb, and Orly Sade. But frankly, even parity would be shocking. Marom and Sade are with the Jersusalem School of Business, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Robb is a senior fellow with the Kauffman Foundation.

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