Ferguson questions swirl

Police use tear gas during Ferguson riots in August 2014The St. Louis Prosecutor Robert McCullough made a series of highly unusual decisions on Monday. He was reportedly seeking to defuse the highly charged situation in the wake of a white Ferguson, Missouri, police officer killing an unarmed black teenager.

He did not succeed.

Protests ignited in Ferguson, fanning flames, literal and figurative, throughout the night. Demonstrations spread from New York City to Oakland, California. Even as President Barack Obama spoke to the nation, cable news channels showed him on a split screen with the violent protests. He did not even get three-quarters of the shot.

McCullough was continuing the string of leadership miscalculations that have been the rule for Ferguson ever since Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown on Aug. 9.

Jelani Cobb astutely analyzes this in The New Yorker?s Daily Comment on Tuesday:

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