Feeling Stressed? Asking Yourself These Five Questions Might Help

womanQ: What’s one question every busy entrepreneur should ask themselves daily to stay centered?

A: What three things must be accomplished today? “I think many entrepreneurs get distracted by dozens of tasks on their plate, endless emails to respond to, people reporting to them for feedback, etc. However, I’m finding it helpful to make a list of the top three big things that must get accomplished in any given day to make the most impact towards forward momentum. If you get more than those three big things done, great! But start small.” Steven Newlon, SYN3RGY Creative Group

Am I taking care of myself? “Stop and really think about how you’re feeling. Consider your physical, mental and emotional state. Does your back hurt? Do you feel emotionally drained? Does your mind seem like it’s working through a fog? Taking a moment to consider what you’re feeling — and why you’re feeling it — is extremely important. I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs work themselves to the bone and burn out as a result.” Steven Buchwald, Buchwald & Associates

What’s the first domino? “I took this idea from Tim Ferriss, who I am sure may have taken it from someone else, but if you look at business and life as a series of standing dominos, there is almost always one thing that will cause the next 30 to fall over. If you can figure out every day what that first domino is and focus only on that, then you will find the next 30 things happen with almost no effort.” Copley Broer, LandlordStation

Am I auditing myself? “On our podcast, ‘The Creative Hustler,’ we interview global entrepreneurs and creatives about staying balanced and continuing to succeed. Personally auditing yourself every morning and night with duties left undone and what you did right and wrong can enable you to approach obstacles with a clearer and more empathetic point of view. It’s a daily meditation I do.” Steven Picanza, Latin & Code

Am I delegating? “Think of all those times you did something that could have been delegated and removed from your tasks altogether. Unfortunately, this happens to me about once a month. I have to step back and remember to keep doing the things that help move the company forward.” Ben Walker, Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

(Source: TCA)