Feed To Follow For Security

secThe security industry?s most informative podcast, hosted weekly by Australian Patrick Gray, offers a news roundup with the right blend of snark and insight from top infosec pros.


Taylor Swift may not know anything about computer security, but an anonymous systems administrator tweets about it with sly humor through this parody account, always with an extensive supply of bizarrely spot-on Taylor Swift pics to match every security topic.

Deeplinks | Blog

The Electronic Frontier Foundation?s blog dives into all the latest surveillance and privacy issues, providing accessible summaries of the legal and, in some cases, technical issues.

/r/netsec | Subreddit

This network security forum surfaces the hacking research and technically oriented news that its 135,000-plus subscribers can?t do without.


Hacker Kamkar features a series of brilliant projects on his entertaining channel, like how to 3-D-print a robot that can crack combination locks.

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