Fast Food Apps: Reasons Why You Need Them for Your Restaurant Business

Food appsFast food apps can help you take your restaurant business to the next level.

More and more fast food chains are starting to realize the benefits of adopting the use of digital ordering and payment apps. According to the results of a 2014 survey, 14% of quick service restaurants in the US are now offering mobile payment options while an additional 20% are planning to adopt the technology this year. In addition, more than 10% of Starbucks transactions in the US are completed through mobile payments.

Mobile ordering and payment makes perfect sense in the fast food environment. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you need to adopt the technology for your restaurant business.

Apps provide for faster service. Basically, faster service translates to increased sales. Studies show that the technology allows customers to move through lines 10% to 20% faster. Thus, it can help reinforce a more positive customer experience and improve business efficiency.

They provide flexibility and convenience.
Aside from providing a faster and more favourable customer experience, the use of mobile payment apps eliminates the need to fumble for cash or cards. It can also reduce inaccuracies when placing orders and gives customers more time to decide what they want to order without holding up a line.

In addition, various capabilities such as providing different payment and check splitting options, push notifications and in-app messaging, and rewards and loyalty programs can also be integrated in customized mobile payment systems.

Using apps translate to lower transaction fees.
By paying through mobile apps, quick service restaurants and other dining establishments can save on credit card fees. On the average, this can be more than 2% of each transaction.

Apps can help you uncover valuable data. You can unearth layers of valuable data by using apps for your restaurant business. These apps can help you collect information about your guests, the amount you spend on marketing to your guests, and the return on your investment.

It is the Millennials? choice. There is no doubt that the younger generation is very much into this technology. According to a survey conducted by food service research firm Technomic, more than 25% of Millennials used their mobile devices to place an order in the past 12 months. Another survey indicated that 44% of Millennials prefer paying with a mobile phone instead of cash.????

Aside from Starbucks, some of the other national fast food chains that are currently offering mobile ordering and payment apps include Dunkin? Donuts, Chipotle, Domino?s Pizza, McDonald?s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway and Wendy?s.