Fallen funds: recent performance of former winners

Five of the eight winners of Morningstar’s top mutual fund manager awards named since early last year are suffering performance slumps this year. Those include winners of awards covering performance either in 2009 or 2010, and winners of manager of the decade honors, for results from 2000 through 2009.

Here’s a look at the performance of the five slumping managers.

(asterisk)Berkowitz also was named Morningstar’s domestic fund manager of the decade, covering 2000-2009

(asterisk)(asterisk)Average annualized return for 10-year period covered by award

(asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk)Herro also is lead manager of a smaller fund, Oakmark International Small Cap (OAKEX), for which he also won international stock fund manager of the decade honors.

Note: Investment return figures through Nov. 30, 2011

Source: Morningstar