Facebook Marketing for the Holidays: 9 Simple Yet Effective Tips

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How to get better results from Facebook marketing for the holidays

Can you use Facebook to promote your products this holiday season? Of course, you can! In fact, you can get very good results if you choose to do so. Are you ready to learn some effective tips and tricks on how to make this work? Okay then, let’s get started!

How to Get Great Marketing Results by Using Facebook?

  • Use a holiday theme cover. Changing your cover photo is one of the best yet simplest ways to get started with your holiday campaigns so go for it!
  • Use Facebook Insights to fine tune your promotions. Facebook Insights can provide you with all the basic information you need to run successful campaigns so use it to your advantage. ?
  • Customize your campaigns to fit the season. Rather than creating an all-encompassing holiday theme, tailor fitting your messages to accurately reflect the season will definitely bring better results. As such, consider creating a separate theme for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year. ??
  • Connect your business and products with the season. Think of ways by which your product or service can fit in with the holiday season and showcase it in your Facebook pages. You can choose to package your product as the perfect gift for the season or simply feature it as an ornament in your virtual Christmas tree. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the difference it can make.
  • Engage your fans. Post holiday-inspired updates and ask your fans to like, share or comment on your post. You may not believe it but they will most likely follow what you ask them to do.
  • Enhance the value of your product. Rather than simply telling people how great your product is, showcase how they are making end-users’ lives a lot better. Providing social proof is a great sales motivator, you know.
  • Run a contest. You can get a great bang for your bucks by running a Facebook contest in time for the holidays. You can choose to run a simple sweepstakes contest or opt to run a photo, video or essay contest that revolves around your product offerings. Whatever you choose, make sure you offer a great prize that can ‘wow’ your fans. Don’t be a Grinch. It wouldn’t do you any good.
  • Offer discount coupons. If you don’t have enough time and/or resources to run an online contest, you may want to give discount coupons instead to those who liked your page.?
  • Give something back. This is the perfect season to give something back so why don’t you consider donating a part of your proceeds from the sale of a particular product to charity? For sure, your customers will appreciate your goodwill and generosity.