Experiential Marketing Helps Small Businesses Reach Prospects

experiential marketing, small business marketing, business prospectsExperiential marketing for small business

Experiential marketing is not just for major corporations. The fun and effective alternative to traditional promotional materials is the perfect way for small businesses to connect emotionally and personally with their customers. These brand-oriented outreach tactics will boost your business, attract new customers and help you reconnect with your base.?

Engage with Your Customers

Interact with your customers to learn what they really think and want from your products or services. Although your website is an easy place to engage with customers, it is not the only option. Foster real-life interactions by setting up conversation tables in your business, building an opinion booth or creating a comfortable engagement zone where you can have honest conversations with your customers. Add some simple surveys and easy polls to encourage feedback and get the conversation flowing.?

Celebrate Events and Milestones

Make new product releases or office opening events. Use traditional marketing tactics to develop a buzz about the event, then make the celebration itself an experiential marketing experience. Engage your customers with lessons, samples or tutorials that enable them to interact directly with your services or products. Involve the entire community by sponsoring a non-profit run for a good cause or hold a concert showcasing local bands. Use your imagination and get creative!

Pound the Pavement?

Hands-on experiential marketing takes you out of the office and into the community. Set up a booth at your city’s environmental, food or craft fairs. Host a barbecue before the big game or a holiday event for families. Make yourself part of the community to increase visibility and reach out to new customers.?

Fly Solo?

Your business will be one of many at traditional trade shows or conferences. Instead of competing for attention, use experiential marketing to draw eyes to only your business. Fly solo with a single booth at a park or drive the company van around local college campuses. Look for opportunities to be the standout instead of getting lost in a sea of other businesses.?

…or Partner with Other Businesses?

Local commerce and small business meetings are a prime opportunity to network with other owners and brainstorm ways to use experiential marketing together. If you sell sports drinks and another local business sells discount sports gear, team up by hosting a local competition. This is a great way to cut costs while engaging your customers and building your brand.?